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FuzzBall  Team

Hello Pet Parents!

Thank you for supporting FuzzBall , a Colorado-based, pet-obsessed company! Lots of love, hard work, puppy kisses, kitty purrs, and diligence went into designing our line of pet products. Our goal is to ensure that you and your four-legged bestie receive the best of the best at an affordable price! We are so excited for you to experience our easy-to-use, cleverly designed, properly regulated, and ethically sourced pet goods. Our team is here for you and the needs of your favorite little fuzzballs! Enjoy!

~ FuzzBall   Team




Product Integrity

Did you know that testing requirements and quality standards are nearly non existent for pet products in the USA? As protective pet parents, we found that unacceptable. So, we decided to launch a brand of pet products that not only are super cute, but also have your fuzzball’s well-being top of mind. We worked with global laboratories to create proper standards that all pet products should pass. And, we made sure our products passed this rigorous testing as well. Tests encompass human-standard chemical limits, and rambunctious puppy-quality standards.

In addition, we know how amazingly convenient it is to be able to order pet products online. We are also very conscious about the packaging waste that so much e-commerce creates. Therefore, we always do our best to pack our products in the smallest possible bundle. When you receive our e-commerce optimized items, simply take them out of the packaging, shake them out, and let them regain shape overnight.


Community Involvement
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Noah Project Muskegon

Noah Project is a non-profit, no-kill animal shelter that is 100% funded by community donations! FuzzBall donated numerous beds for their annual silent auction to raise money for their shelter.

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Harbin SHS Animal Rescue

Harbin Slaughterhouse Survivors has rescued over 2000 dogs from the Chinese meat-trade. We are happy to support their mission with ongoing donations of pet beds and blankets to their safehouse in China.

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